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I hit words at random on iOS 8’s new predictive text feature so I could see what type of sentence my phone thinks I’m likely to say, and


You mean the generation that paid three times as much for college to enter a job market with triple the unemployment isn’t interested in purchasing the assets of the generation who just blew an enormous housing bubble and kept it from popping through quantitative easing and out-and-out federal support? Curious.

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it takes 237 muscles to fake an orgasm but 15 to say “it’s called a clitoris and it’s right here”

#don’t ever fake an orgasm let them know they disappointed you

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Sometimes there are no words


Someone asked “If Crowley couldn’t control human Dean, what makes him think he can control Demon!Dean?”

And Mark goes “What makes you think Crowley can’t control human Dean? Did you watch the end of last season? I think I controlled Dean pretty well.”